Memory Organ 01


We live in an experience-dense world, constantly being handed material from which we weave our narratives. My Memory Organs reference those narratives we’ve woven that no longer serve us, and must be contained and put away as we grow and change. Ironically, this compartmentalization is often visible to the outsider. Serving as part of the complicated machine of our personality, our past processes and narratives inform our present interactions.

“Stranded” speaks to my childhood experiences struggling to find stability in unsafe living conditions with my mother in rural California. Baling twine references the familiar materials of a rural setting, and the name “stranded” comes from the print on the communication wires, featured and visible upon close inspection. The pink color scheme speaks to the girlhood that was imposed upon me, as poorly fitting as all my other experiences at the time. I approach this piece with a measured gratitude, proud of who I’ve become despite my experiences.