The t4t Art Collective is about giving transgender artists a chance to exhibit work, expand their skills, and build trans community. I founded the collective in May 2022, and currently curate and facilitate events.

We offer monthly trans-only life drawing sessions, transFIGURE, at the Parallax Art Center. In a room of exclusively trans artists and trans models, we can render and see ourselves in our own image, with minimal concerns of presentation or gender politics. We have seasonal gallery shows in whatever spaces we can get our hands on. If traditional art gallery standards slow down the process of getting trans art on the walls, we reject them.

In an increasingly digital age, IRL community becomes harder to find, and our sense of isolation increases. The majority of trans organizations have been support groups or suicide hotlines – we seek to intervene upstream and build our community up before these things are necessary.

T4T stands for “trans for trans”, formerly only seen in personal ads. We take “t4t” as our name while offering community, opportunities, and art showings for ourselves. We require no qualifications, and refuse the labor of excessive explanation. This is trans art for trans eyes. Onlookers welcome.

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